Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page. We are looking forward to sharing our learning journey with you. Please keep checking back to keep up-to-date with the latest news and learning from us.

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Overview 2018-19

Class Blog

Mini-Cadets first Outing!

The Year 5 Mini-Cadets enjoyed their first trip to the West Division Police Headquarters.  They had a tour of the building watching all the busy officers at work and learning about the rank structures.  The cadets also spent some time in the different police vans; it...

Embracing African Culture In Year Five!

Year Five are currently writing stories from another culture. We are focusing on African stories and the language, settings and features associated with them. Today, we looked at African vocabulary, traditional stories, the clothing and customs. The children loved...

Ambassadors, Ambassadors, Where for art thou Ambassadors?

Our Royal Shakespeare Ambassadors had a fantastic day working collaboratively with children from schools from Wyre, Fylde and Blackpool. They worked together to help plan the forthcoming Shakespeare Festival and were involved in joint projects and discussion groups....

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