Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page. We are looking forward to sharing our learning journey with you. Please keep checking back to keep up-to-date with the latest news and learning from us.

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Bienvenue à la troisième année (Welcome to Year three)

Since the beginning of Year three, children have started to learn French. In lesson one, the children researched the country of France, the cities and monuments which make the country what it is. In week two, we dived further into the culture and the lifestyle of the...

Place Value

Children have been working hard this week on their place value skills. As this underpins all of maths, it is so important the children are aware of the value of each digit in a number. By using concrete items, doing various fluency challenges, children have used their...

Poles Apart!

Welcome back to our children! We have returned to school at full force and jumped straight into learning about magnets! The children worked through a carousel of activities to explore magnetism at his finest. From making paperclip chain kites to sorting magnetic and...

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