Whole School Heritage Day 2018

We are very lucky to live where we do and even more so to be part of a school and a community that is situated beside the seaside. With that in mind, as school we wanted to learn more about what makes Blackpool. Each class was given a special area of interest to investigate and learn more about.

From meeting from pretending to be circus clowns to meeting the Mayor of Blackpool, each class really got involved in learning more about the surrounding area and its rich history. Children and staff even dressed in ‘something Blackpool’; this could have been anything from a Blackpool Football Club top to carrying a stick of rock!

At the beginning of the day, the whole school joined together for an assembly to share their existing knowledge of the word heritage and what they already knew about Blackpool. Then visitors from Blackpool Council talked to the children about some of the lesser known facts about the town and introduced their day of discovery!

Here is what some of our pupil’s thought about the day:

“I prefer learning about Blackpool history because I have been to the places we talk are learning about”

“It was great speaking to the mayor and learning about his job, I couldn’t believe how many meetings he does!”

“I prefer learning about Blackpool in World War 1 than learning about the war because it had an impact on our own town.” 

“I didn’t realise that Stanley Park had Italian Garden!”

“I had fun walking to Stanley Park and learning the history of the clock tower. I just thought is was a big clock but its actually a memorial.”

At the end of the school day the work our children produced was displayed in the hall and we invited parents and carers to come in and share in the children’s new learning and understanding of their town.