Whole School French Day – 2018

On Thursday 12th July, all children from Year 1 to Year 6 took part in French Day. The children spent the day learning all things French, from new vocabulary, songs and games to the culture and geography of France.

Key Stage 2 took part in a treasure hunt quiz in the playground, hunting for facts about France. Year 1 learned about the Eiffel Tower and how to count to ten in French. Year 2 learned how to count to twenty, whilst Year 3 learned a French nursery rhyme – Deux Petit Oiseaux.

Year 4 had fun learning Têtes, épaules, genoux, pieds (Heads, shoulders, knees and toes), Year 5 produced a French weather forecast and Year 6 wrote all about themselves.

In the afternoon we had an assembly to showcase the children’s learning. There were some amazing videos and performances. You can see some of the children’s fantastic work on Boundary TV on our website.

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