Behaviour at Boundary

The ‘Always’ Way


At Boundary we believe that everyone will always make the right choices, that is why each and every child is given an Always badge to wear with pride every single day. The badge celebrates the children who always follow the Boundary Promises and who go above and beyond with their learning. By wearing their Always badge we can see who our wonderful Always people are. The children who have their Always badge get to take part in Always time as a reward for their excellent behaviour!

  There are four different coloured badges, each belonging to a house: Rodwell, Bathurst, Chepstow and Elston.

We may be four houses but we are always one team.




The Boundary Promises

We have five Boundary Promises which are very important to us. Following these Boundary Promises every single day means that you are an Always person. 

Characteristics of an Always Person


Our characteristics are essential traits to have in order to be an Always person. Each week there is a new focus characteristic that is launched during Monday morning assembly by Miss. Ashton. Across school each class look in detail at what that particular characteristic means and how the children can demonstrate it.  

The Shield

Here at Boundary we believe that children need a safe space to explore their emotions in order to develop their emotional intelligence. The Shield is part of our behaviour hierarchy but it is also a big part of the children’s school life. It is a place where children can come to talk about their worries, share their successes and to help them learn all about the characteristics of an Always person so they can truly become the best that they can be.

“The Shield is a great place to come, especially when you are angry. It is a safe space and you are allowed to say how you feel without feeling silly. I love the Shield.” 


“The red table is for when you are feeling cross. You sit here and give yourself a chance to calm down. This is our safe space to be angry in Boundary.”

“The yellow table is for when you are a little bit annoyed but not so mad you have to sit at the red table. The adults around us know that when we are sat here, that we are not ready to talk. It is great that they can be so understanding.”

“The blue table is when you are calming down. It is here that the adults will have a conversation with you about what went wrong because by moving yourself along you are showing you can self-regulate.”

“This is where you sit when you are confident that you are ready to go back to class and make things right again.”


We use this area to show how we are feeling without needing to speak. If I sit at the red table, the adults around me know I am cross. If I sit at the blue table, the adults know I need to calm down. It is really good for me because sometimes I don’t want to speak straight away.”

“The Shield is a great place. It calms me down when I feel angry or worried. There are displays that give you advice, beans bags to sit on to help you relax and a view out over the playground. I really do love the Shield.” 



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Boundary Promise Workshops

Boundary Promise Workshops

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