Our Approach to the Teaching of Reading:

Reading is an absolutely vital key skill. It underpins everything else. Reading is the key to understanding your maths and science as well as everyday signs. It is crucial that school and home work together to develop the quality of reading in every child. Here at Boundary, we want our children to enjoy reading for pleasure as well as helping pupils to understand that it is an important function in order to access basic information.

We will always give your child a reading book that has a level of challenge. This means that when they get a home reading book some of the words will provide a challenge in terms of saying the words as well as understanding them. The idea is that with every book, the children learn how to say and understand an increasing range of words that they can then use in their writing. All children are provided with a home reading record and we encourage every child to read at home at least three times a week, more if possible. 

As a school we use books from a variety of schemes including the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and Project X and we use Letters and Sounds as our phonics programme. In class we hear readers individually and also as part of daily guided reading sessions, which is an opportunity to share a text/book with children. In these sessions we will discuss tricky vocabulary together in order to help the children understand what they are reading. Staff will also ask children questions based on what they have read to help improve their comprehension skills.

The staff model expression and intonation in their reading through sharing a whole class reading book.

In order to expose the children at Boundary to a wide range of authors and challenging vocabulary, each year group studies a specific author and books set around a particular theme. The books chosen are all age-related and provide children with the opportunity to make links between books by the same author and similarities between the themed books. 

Year 1: Author – Julia Donaldson     Theme – Right and Wrong

Year 2: Author – Roald Dahl   Theme – Magic

Year 3: Author – Anne Fine    Theme – Animals

Year 4: Author – David Walliams   Theme – Relationships/Friendships

Year 5: Author – MIchael Morpurgo      Theme – Resilience/Hope

Year 6: Author – Malorie Blackman    Theme – Changes/Moving On



Reception’s Roving Reader’s

This week Reception enjoyed the visit from the book bus and we all had the opportunity to have a look at the book available.  Some of the children were lucky enough to buy their own books.  We counted out our coins and paid for the book by ourselves.  We can't wait to...

Book Bus

We were very excited about the Book Bus coming to school. There were so many books to enjoy and we all managed to find a favourite. Morgan said 'the book bus is huge and has lots of books'.  Logan said ' I bought a Toy Story book to read at bed time'  and Jacob said...

The Tiger Who Came to Nursery!

This week we had a visit from a tiger! We read the story 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea,' talking about all the different foods he eats, and if they are healthy or unhealthy. Later on in the week we came in to Nursery one morning to find all the food had disappeared!...

Book Bus Visits Boundary!!

Today the Book Bus came to visit. Each class had a 20 minute slot to visit the bus and peruse the shelves!! Children were invited to bring £10 so they could buy a book or two. As a school we will receive a percentage of what we made on the day - we will then be able...

Book Bus visit – Tuesday 1st October

The Book Bus is coming to Boundary on Tuesday 1st October. All classes will visit the bus throughout the day where they will have the chance to purchase a book (or books!). If children wish to buy a book on the day then they need to bring cash into school in a named...

First visit to the library @thegrange

Today Year 6 had their first visit to the library @thegrange. We will be visiting every month so that the children can regularly change their books and be exposed to a variety of authors and genres. The books will stay in class as part of quiet reading time during...

Read, read, read!

We had our first trip to the library at @thegrange. They have so much selection! Every child picked their own text to bring back to school to read in their down time. 

We LOVE reading!!

Our first trip to the library was very exciting! We walked to @Grange dodging the puddles along the way as it was a very wet day! When we arrived at the library we couldn't wait to choose a book to look at. There were lego books, princess books, robot books and one of...

Tell me a story…

Year 2 children paid a visit to the Library this week, all the children chose a book and are excited to start reading them in class and with their friends. The children will visit the library every half term, where they will be able to read books from many genres and...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The week we have been reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.  We have been talking about the lifecycle of the butterfly, making our own caterpillars at the creative table, adding and subtracting using foods from the story and retelling the story in our own...

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