The Early Years Curriculum supports the children’s’ emotional, social and academic development. At Boundary, we aim to provide a stimulating and exciting environment for the children to develop the early skills they need through a range of creative activities such as mark making, malleable, technology, constructing and building, exploring, problem-solving and physical development both inside and outside the classroom. These approaches help the children to develop independence, the skills of problem-solving and critical thinking. The children will be taught key skills in reading, writing and mathematics through child-initiated play and focused led activities.



At Boundary, we teach phonics using a synthetic phonics programme to help children develop early literacy skills in reading and writing. We follow the structure of the DfES ‘letters and sounds’ document and also use resources from Jolly Phonics to support this. Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory approach where each letter sound has an action and a song to go with it. The children learn to write the letter and then blend the sounds together for reading and segment them for writing.

Curriculum Maps

Overview 2018-19

Class Blog

Norman the Slug with a New Shell!

Our story in Nursery this week has been 'Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell.' We started off the week talking about what we could use to make a new shell for Norman, which led to us going on a hunt for different materials we might be able to use. We have designed...

No Pen Day!

We took part in a whole school No Pen Day, in order to improve our communication skills. We completed lots of activities without the use of any pens or pencils. In Science, we created a flowering plant, in order to show how seeds are dispersed. In Reading into Writing...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we had some surprise visitors in Nursery! They were small, fuzzy and stripey! We are going to watch them grow and turn into Butterflies! We read the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and looked at all the foods the Caterpillar ate and decided if they were...

Watch Me Grow!

This week in Nursery we have been looking at growth and change! Our BLT over half term was to think about how we had changed, some of us even brought in pictures of when we were babies! We enjoyed talking about how we have all grown! We have planted beans, sunflowers...

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