The Early Years Curriculum supports the children’s’ emotional, social and academic development. At Boundary, we aim to provide a stimulating and exciting environment for the children to develop the early skills they need through a range of creative activities such as mark making, malleable, technology, constructing and building, exploring, problem-solving and physical development both inside and outside the classroom. These approaches help the children to develop independence, the skills of problem-solving and critical thinking. The children will be taught key skills in reading, writing and mathematics through child-initiated play and focused led activities.



At Boundary, we teach phonics using a synthetic phonics programme to help children develop early literacy skills in reading and writing. We follow the structure of the DfES ‘letters and sounds’ document and also use resources from Jolly Phonics to support this. Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory approach where each letter sound has an action and a song to go with it. The children learn to write the letter and then blend the sounds together for reading and segment them for writing.

Curriculum Maps

Overview 2018-19

Class Blog

Witches, wizards and a whole lot of magic!

This week we have read the story 'Room on the Broom.' We talked about the different characters that are in the story and the order that they get onto the witches broomstick. We have made wands and broomsticks out of different materials, using sticks and comparing the...

Read, read, read!

We had our first trip to the library at @thegrange. They have so much selection! Every child picked their own text to bring back to school to read in their down time. 

Dinosaurs Attack!

We have had a very busy week in Nursery! We have been baking, building, and we have even made some super slippery dinosaur slime! We have also been investigating our dinosaur small world, and we have read the story 'Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.' We have...

One In A Million

Welcome back everyone after the Summer break! It has been lovely to hear all about your Summer trips and activities, and to meet our new children! This week we have been learning all about ourselves and how we are similar and different. We have made ourselves using...

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