Home Learning Thursday 30th April

Good morning Year 6. Here is today’s home learning. Remember, to try your best! We believe in you!


All home learning is on Google Classroom. You all have log in details that are inside the front cover of your home learning book. Remember, answers to all the work posted in the classroom will be made available to you by 13:00 (1:00pm) every day.


  1. If you can, start your day with the Joe Wicks workout on his youtube channel. Monday – Friday @ 9am.
  2. Morning Maths – Please complete all questions in your home learning maths book.
  3. GPS – Please complete the morning mat and answer questions in your home learning book.
  4. Maths – Log on to Maths Shed, Prodigy or TTRS and spend at least 20 minutes completing tasks/questions. We have also added a problem of the day, an arithmetic task and a lesson on problem solving.
  5. Mymaths – This is now up and running. You were all sent an email with your username and password. Please make sure you log in and complete the tasks we have set.
  6. Spelling – Log on to Spelling Shed and spend 20 minutes on the tasks that have been set. We will be checking to see who has been on and if you haven’t, we will be asking why!!
  7. Reading – There is a comprehension for you to complete in your work books.
  8. English task – Each day there will be an extra English task to complete. Today your task is to write a persuasive letter to stop the council from building a supermarket on a wildlife area.
  9. Elevenses with David Walliams – Sit back and enjoy a 20 minute reading from the author himself! A new story every day can be found here: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/
  10. You have the afternoon activity ideas on the sheet that we sent home too. Try and pick 1 or 2 activities from that. We’ve added a PDF of them at the bottom of this post.
  11. Remember to log in to language angels. Click on the pupil games button. Username: FrenchBoundary   Password: Homelearning1
  12. You should have all received an email for the following website: https://student.readingplus.com/seereader/api/sec/login – please use your log in details to get yourself set up. We’d like everyone to have gone on at some point over the week. Well done to those who already have.
  13. We’re now adding Kahoot quizzes for you to take part in. These are a good way to see who is joining in with the tasks we set.
  14. We are adding Bitesize lessons to the classroom every day. Today’s lessons include an English and Maths task and an RE lesson. Enjoy!
  15. We are setting you a second Science project for this week. This one involves finding out about blood, including: red blood cells, white blood cells, blood platelets and plasma.  We’d like this in by next Monday. This can be done on Slides or on paper. It’s up to you!
  16. We have also added an Art lesson for you to do. This unit focuses on sketching things at the seaside. This week’s lesson is on drawing shells.


And remember if you still have time, find somewhere quiet and curl up with your book.


Morning Activities


Afternoon activities


After School Clubs