Money, tickets, passports!

Today we entered our classroom after lunch with a passport and an aeroplane ticket. Our classroom has been transformed to look like an aeroplane. We took our seats, put our hand luggage (coats) under our seats, fastened our pretend seatbelts and watched TUI’s safety video. The plane took off and we were airborne! How would this feel if it was real? What could we see? 

We watched a video that someone had recorded whilst on an aeroplane above the clouds to help us deepen our thinking and understanding. Once we landed, we got off and collected our luggage (PE KIT) and then went to our hotel in Madrid. How would we feel now? Why? 

It was much warmer in Madrid than the UK, so we had to get changed and put on our sun cream and sunhats (we used our PE kits). Then we headed to the beach! We had fun playing in the sand and sea. We headed back to our hotel and got changed for the evening meal. We wanted to look our best. 

Finally it was time for bed and for role-play journey to be over. 

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