The Tiger Who Came to Nursery!

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Nursery, Reading | 0 comments

This week we had a visit from a tiger! We read the story ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea,’ talking about all the different foods he eats, and if they are healthy or unhealthy. Later on in the week we came in to Nursery one morning to find all the food had disappeared! But…the tiger had left some pretty obvious clues! We found four big tiger prints on the carpet in Nursery, alongside an empty milk, an eaten banana, and a empty Jaffa Cake box! We became super detectives, investigating around Nursery to see if anything else had been disturbed! We’ve also spent time this week writing invitations to invite people to tea and making tea for tea parties. We have also made tigers using different materials in Nursery, focussing on the tigers stripes and looking at the patterns they show!

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